A portrait of Johannes Kollender

My name is Johannes Kollender and I’m a freelance 3D Motion Graphics Designer and Photographer, based in Hamburg, Germany.

Since 2005, I’ve had the pleasure of working for some of the biggest national and international clients, agencies and post production studios.

I can help you realize all types of animation projects and feel at home at every step in the pipeline, starting from concept to production to finalization

My services include styleframe and animatic creation, 3D modeling, animation, physics and particle simulation, shading and rendering, as well as 2D motion graphics and retouching. For technically challenging projects I can offer custom software solutions with Python scripting and plug-in development.

I’m available for on site and remote freelance work on a per project basis, with production studios, agencies, and direct to client.

Phone+49 (0) 171 959 00 21
Emailjohannes [at] kollender.com

For my photography work visit www.johanneskollender.com