Quant / Genesis Teaser

The nice folks at Havest Digital Agriculture invited me to help with the production of this super slick teaser for this NanaoFlowCell driven behemoth from the future, namely the Quant.
A car this powerful (whooping 653 PS) needed to be announced with some equally epic imagery, so me and the team pulled all stops and summoned all earthly and unearthly elements to grant a seasonable entrance.

Client: Feit Film / Quant
Post Production : HARVEST Hamburg
Head of Animation: Filip Lange
Creation / Design / Direction: Kay Tennemann
3D: Kay Tennemann, Peter Balicki, Johannes Kollender, Filip Lange
Compositing : Filip Lange, Peter Balicki, Rafael Ahamad
Additional 3D : Oliver Weingarten, Oliver Boateng
Additional Comp : Christopher Kollar
SFX: German Wahnsinn